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Our mission is to get paid work in Sydney's Entertainment Industry for
Background Extras and Actors

Before submitting, check data input for accuracy. Family and friends can apply using their own email address. Your email address is a unique ID that the iSpry Agency system uses to authenticate individual records, avoid duplicates, and prevents accidental data override.
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Enter any job-related application notes for this brief in the section below. Tell us about your work experience in any industry & any entertainment industry skill sets you have. What are your ethnicity & family country of origins? What is your current filming availability? Do you play sports? Do you have tattoos? Do you have a famous look-alike?
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Provide a selfie photo taken today and on a smartphone is fine - no hats, sunglasses, or filters so production can see your current natural look & hair length. Make sure any light source is behind the camera and don’t stand near windows. Take your selfie photo at eye level, making sure you are standing, facing front-on and, your head and shoulders are clearly visible. For longer than shoulder-length hair; please remove any hair ties, leave your hair out. Pull a small section of your hair forward over your shoulder and to one side so the length can be seen.
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